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James J. Hill Days Festival


This year’s James J. Hill Days carnival in Wayzata was yet again a big success, especially among Breck students. James J. Hill was a man who had a crucial role in the development of the Midwest and the expansion of the railroad industry. He was born in 1838 in Ontario, Canada. In the 1850s he moved to Saint Paul, MN. At the time, Minnesota was a growing frontier state, and Hill recognized the region’s immense potential for railroads and transportation. With determination and a keen business, he went on to become one of the most successful figures in the American railroad industry, founding the Great Northern Railway and playing a pivotal role in connecting the northern states to the Pacific coast. Hill’s legacy endures in Minnesota and his significant contributions to the state’s economics and infrastructural development. With that being said, James J. Hill was a very important figure in Minnesota history and that is why the fair was named after him. This year, the event had traditional, repeated features such as the Ferris wheel, obstacle course, and classic fair food. Not everything, however, was kept the same as last year. The rides, for example, were much different from past years. To peoples’ surprise, the zipper ride was nowhere to be found, nor was the giant spinning swing. Instead, these old favorites were replaced with a g-force ride and a giant swing. Unlike rides, the fair’s food stayed consistently delicious, adding food trucks that served things like banana bread, corn, and seafood. Overall, this year’s James J. Hill carnival was a hit, proven by the sheer number of Breck students of all ages who attended.

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