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Climate Change: Leading Our Future Down a Dark Path 

Climate change is a current environmental crisis that has been going on since the late 19th century and has had a profound impact on how citizens have lived over recent decades. To begin, climate change is human-made. Doing things like burning fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil are the main causes of change in the earth’s climate. 

There are many negative effects of climate change, like air pollution which can cause and worsen illness. On humans, this can lead to death, hospitalization, and stress. However, on animals, the impacts of climate change are even worse. Studies say as climate temperatures rise, animals are not finding enough food, and many homes are being destroyed. For example, the polar bear population is decreasing because they struggle to find food and their home is melting each day. states, “…polar bears are likely to experience reproductive failure by 2040, reducing the number of offspring needed for population maintenance.” If greenhouse emissions continue to rise, climate change will continue to skyrocket and our environment will be more endangered than it already is. 

In the past years, climate change has negatively impacted many citizens around the world. The rising sea levels have resulted in countless floods and droughts. According to FEMA,  “Since 1996, 99% of counties in the U.S. have experienced a flood, but only 4% of homeowners have flood insurance.” As shown, the impact climate change has on humans is huge, so how can people help? Below are 5 ways us humans can lessen the impact of climate change on our environment. 

  1. Riding a bike to work, school, etc. – Decreasing the use of cars will help benefit our economy because we will be able to burn less fossil fuels.
  2. Consuming healthy foods – Having healthy food choices like vegetables and fruits helps our economy by using fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 
  3. Using less electricity at home – Many of us use electricity on a daily basis which hurts the environment. A better choice would be to switch normal electricity lights to LED lights. 
  4. Solar Panels – Putting solar panels on your roofs will expel energy and convert it into renewable energy.
  5. Traveling – Considering the way you travel has a huge impact on the environment. Traveling through airplanes and cars emits greenhouse gasses.

Following all these steps can benefit future generations and lead us towards a healthier environment.

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