Schedule Changes Create Disorder


Schedules. No one likes them. They never quite work out how we want them to, whether it be certain classes being unavailable, friends being in a different hour, or back-to-back classes that are mentally taxing. But those are expected issues, minor ones. Simple. Unimportant. But this year, the scheduling issues have gone beyond minor inconveniences to students. Due to the departure of Ms. Tepp over the summer, and yet another change in the daily schedule, many students, myself included, have had their classes and teachers changed at least once this year. I realized after a week and a half that my schedule had been messed up, and had to go change that with the administration. I had originally planned to have a free period in both semesters of this year, however, due to scheduling errors, I was given two on the same day in the second semester. This created a highly unbalanced schedule with one day containing all of my hardest, most demanding classes. This is unfair to us students. The stress of a disproportionate workload is great, and the only fix to it is having our schedules completely rearranged, meaning that some classes must be dropped, and some teachers must be switched. It simply is not fair to the students, and the administration needs to do a better job of planning and communicating with the student body when issues arise.