I’m Worried, Darling: Recent Thriller gets Mild Reviews


After all the drama I had seen about Don’t Worry Darling on the internet, I was patiently awaiting the release of the film. And let me tell you, this movie did not live up to the hype. It follows the story of a married couple Jack and Alice as they live in an idyllic 1950s neighborhood. However, Alice starts to notice that Jack and her picture-perfect life might be hiding something sinister. In an attempt not to give anything away, I won’t go further into detail, so here is my spoiler-free review:


Truthfully, I like the concept a lot, and being a lover of sci-fi, I should’ve loved this movie. However, in order to make an amazing sci-fi movie, there can’t be any plot holes. Although Don’t Worry Darling wrapped up the main character Alice’s narrative, I was left with so many questions. I wish the movie delved into the side plots and characters more, allowing the end to be much more satisfying. Instead, I was left confused and wishing for more. If you’re only looking at the surface, it’s a pretty engaging movie, so it works if you’re only watching it for entertainment. 4/10


I honestly think a lot of the acting in this movie was pretty good. Florence Pugh was amazing. As always, she does not disappoint. Her ability to convey emotions is just outstanding and I really felt for her the whole movie. Additionally, many of the supporting actors, like Chris Pine and Kiki Layne, also had great performances. Now, the topic you’ve all been waiting for: Harry Styles. He…left much to be desired. Any scene when he tried to be emotional just didn’t work because his inexperience as an actor really showed through. The main problem was that he lacked the subtlety and nuance that his screen partners, especially Pugh, possessed. Also, I love Nick Kroll. Why didn’t they give him more funny lines or screen time? That would’ve made the movie 10x better. 7/10 


I think the cinematography was nice, there were some very stunning scenes and cool visuals. Not my favorite of all time, but it was pretty good. 7/10


Overall: 4/10