A Halloween Hotdog Feud!


This year’s Breck Halloween costumes were good but many of the events lacked student energy. From multiple sources, it was concluded that the participation in the door decorating was not strong, and they hope for better advisory activities next year. Although the door decorating wasn’t the best, assembly activities were fun and a good repeat from last year! This year, there seemed to be a heated rivalry between a senior and sophomore group costume of hotdogs. The senior group, Erika Fehr, Amelia Bras, and Sarah Fishbein all wore hotdog costumes. Although it wasn’t a very unique costume idea, it was an iconic repeat from their last year’s costume. The sophomore group, dressing up as condiments for the main hotdog Mary Knoll, showed some tension with the senior group. According to Catherine Walker (‘25) “I thought we pulled [the costume] off better because we were actually the condiments and full aspect of the hotdog,not just the hot dogs.”  Overall, it was a successful Halloween this year at school but next year, we hope to see more costume feuds between the upper and lower classmen.