Breck Sports go to State


Girls Tennis got second place in the state tournament, losing a very close match to Rochester Lourdes, and Girl’s Soccer lost in an intense shootout against St. Paul Academy, to go to the championship game. Breck Girl’s Soccer ended up placing third in the state tournament. These two powerful sports fought hard through the season as a team, and it brought them major success. Two very good doubles partners, Petra and Witt, and captains of the soccer team Eva, Georgia, and Maggie have some words of their journeys, memories, and intense feelings throughout their seasons and state tournament.

How did you guys do in the state and what place did you get? 

“We had a good run in State, making it to the US Bank Stadium for the semi-finals, and ended the season with 3rd place.”

How did playing in the US bank stadium for your senior year feel?

“It was an amazing way to end our Breck soccer career as seniors, and such a special experience. Every minute you get to play in that stadium is a privilege. The student support was overwhelming this year and as a team, we supported each other and all worked our 

hardest to bring our team there.”  

What goes through your mind being in a shootout? And what was most stressful about it?

“As a goalie, I view shootouts as an opportunity for success and not necessarily stressful. Confidence is such a key factor, especially as a goalkeeper. What I like to remind myself is that the pressure is on the shooter. The more stressful part is that at the point of a shootout, the game is completely a toss-up, and the better team will not necessarily win.”

“The shootout was horrifying. It is such a high-pressure situation, and so many things are going through your mind. All you can do is place the ball somewhere at the net, and anything else is out of your control. The most stressful part is knowing that it doesn’t really matter how hard or well you play, either team can win a shootout.” 

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen to achieve their soccer goals?

“I think having a passion for the game is so important, and putting in the work in and outside of practice is crucial. But having fun with it and loving the sport is just as important.”

What advice do you have for younger girls wanting to go to college for soccer?

“Going to college for soccer is hard, but putting in the effort to set yourself apart from other girls on the field will make you seen. The mental part is just as important as your skill; being kind to yourself and staying motivated is important in making sure you don’t burn out and stay healthy.”

What is your favorite Breck soccer memory? 

Eva- “As a goalie, scoring a goal during my senior night was something I will never forget.”

Maggie- “Beating Blake after a really long time in my freshman year.” 

Georgia- “The dinner after the section final win with the entire team and the student fans.” 

Best state memory? 

Eva- “The bus ride to the state final in 2021 and getting excited for the game.”

Maggie- “Before the state final in 2021 listening to hype music and waiting to walk into the stadium.”

Georgia- “Beating Holy Family in the semifinals game at the US Bank Stadium in 2021 as the underdog.”