The Best Christmas Movies to Watch

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie, I mean who could resist curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate to watch a classic? The holiday season is almost everyone’s favorite part of the year, and movies are a great way to celebrate. So, in the holiday spirit, here are some of the top holiday movies.

We’ll be starting off with Home Alone, a classic Christmas movie. Home Alone was one of the most-watched Christm

as movies of 2021. It follows the story of a boy forgotten by his family and left home alone for Christmas, while they are long gone on vacation. He disobeys all the normal house rules and even has to protect his home from two crooks who try to break in. This movie brings lots of joy and nostalgia to many people’s homes during the Holiday season. Not only can one enjoy the first Home Alone 

movie, but there are many sequels. Though many believe the first of a series is the best, the Home Alone story never really gets old.

Another favorite Christmas comedy is, A Christmas Story, produced in 1983. The protagonist, Ralphie,  spends the length of the movie trying to convince his parents he needs a BB gun for Christmas. He encounters many humorous situations and even gets into a bit of trouble. This movie is perfect to watch with your family, even with a multitude of ages. A Christmas Story n

ever fails to entertain. In every scene, Ralphie seems to be in a different sticky situation, and things never go as planned. But of course, in the end, Ralphie and his family spend a great Christmas together.

Finally, you can’t forget the all-star Christmas comedy, Elf. This is one of the silliest Christmas movies out there, and any family can enjoy its jokes and humor. Its premise follows Buddy the elf who has just come back from the North Pole to find his family and experience New York City. We see him learn many new things about life outside of Santa’s Workshop in the goofiest way imaginable. Elf  will always be the way to go if you want to have the lingering feeling of the Christmas jingle in your heart.

So, I invite you to cuddle up on the couch, invite some friends over, and watch one of these classics to celebrate winter break.