Student Council’s Next Move: Ping Pong


Student council members have worked hard to implement changes they think are necessary to the well-being of Breck students throughout the year so far. As you may have noticed from the commotion coming from the junior commons recently, one of the most exciting additions has been the ping pong table. Student council member Mia Penn (‘24) mentioned the ping pong table “allows people who don’t normally get together to enjoy a competitive game and bond over an activity that helps release energy, allowing you to focus better.” 

Max Aaronson (‘24) was revealed to be the main advocate for the addition of the table. According to Max, his inspiration stemmed from observing an excessive amount of people sitting around on their phones with little amounts of personal interaction. 

Efforts to add the ping pong table did receive some pushback, as Max recalls it was a challenge to get done – especially with the concern of Mr. Ohm. It’s agreed that it was worth it in the end, with an increase of energy and excitement in the hallways, and a constant opportunity for unlikely friendships and bonding moments. Even Mr. Ohm agrees that it brings an amazing “buzz” to the area with its liveliness. 

Some of the most avid players are allegedly in the process of starting a ping pong club that will be available for anyone to join. Keep an eye out for a sign-up opportunity in the near future. 

The addition of the ping pong table is just one of the many projects that the Student Council has been working on in the past month. They’ve also been busy figuring out themes for Snow Days, upgrading the urinals in the men’s bathroom, and planning candy grams for Valentine’s Day with the help of the Community Action Council. 

If you have any suggestions on ways to make your school day more fun and enjoyable, reach out to the student council, because as Max puts it, “We actually do things.”