Seniors Commit to D1 Schools


This year’s senior class has three very accomplished signed D1 athletes: Erin Duggan, Alden Keller, and Cece Cohen. Erin is currently committed to Rutgers for lacrosse, Alden is committed to Duke for cross country, and Cece is committed to Kansas for rowing. Wanting to get a sense of how these athletes are feeling going into a new, more intense athletic environment, we asked them a few of the following questions:

How did you choose the school you are committed to?

“When I was on my official visit to the University of Kansas, I knew right away that this was a place where I wanted to be for three reasons: (1) the coaches demonstrated a strong interest in my academic success, my athletic success, and my life after Kansas. (2) The campus has a strong midwest vibe to it and the minute I stepped foot on campus it felt familiar. (3) I am completely connected to the student-athletes on the rowing team.” – Cece Cohen

What are you most looking forward to about the team you are joining?

“I am looking forward to being part of the team because even just after spending a couple days with them on my official visit, the team immediately felt like family. The program is driven by qualities that I strive to embody as a person and a player (hard work, dedication, grit, love for the sport, and teammates).” – Erin Duggan

What will you miss about Breck athletics next year?

“Especially in recent years I feel like Breck sports teams have shown a lot of support for other teams which is a really fun environment so I will definitely miss that next year. However, from my time on my visits I think there will be a similar environment at Duke and all the athletes seem to be really close.” – Alden Keller