A Clash of Titans: The 2023 Ironman Volleyball Game

A Clash of Titans: The 2023 Ironman Volleyball Game

Many of you bore witness to the sequential feats of athleticism that we call the junior vs. senior boys Ironman volleyball game. Though nothing can compare to seeing it firsthand, this article will attempt to recap and provide perspective on what may have been the greatest athletic contest this generation has ever seen.

From a player’s point of view, the teams were evenly matched. The juniors certainly had the advantage in numbers, team spirit, and nicknames; Grady “Goggins” Martin, Robin “Czech Mate” Janousek, and Max “The Rabbi” Aronson are hard to beat. However, the seniors had the leg up when it came to height, team support, and style—we did lose, but we lost looking good in our spray paint stenciled crop tops. The X factor, though, was junior Will “McNasty” McNally. Senior coach Sydney McDaniel referred to him as a “One-man show out there.” With plenty of volleyball experience and a clear knowledge of the game, he was able to lead the juniors to their hard-fought victory. 

The other coaches shared very positive notes on the game. Vivian O’Brien was extremely proud of the class of ‘23 for “Working incredibly hard, both in practices and during the game,” and Andi Hernández “Wouldn’t have wanted to spend [her] last moments on the court with anyone else.” Cori Thibodeaux, one of the junior coaches, said she was proud of her team for “Climbing the mountain of the senior team.”

Lastly, when I asked Erik “Nordeaux” Nordseth what he thought about his competition next year, the current sophomores, he mentioned that they “Weren’t lookin too hot” and that his class would “Come back better than ever.” Only time will tell if his prediction is accurate, but hopefully the sophomores can avenge the class of ‘23.                                       

Photo Credits: Sam Goh