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Interview With Student Section Leaders


This year, the Breck Student Section Leaders are flipping the rhetoric on the Breck Student section. For years, the Breck Student Section hasn’t been feared by our rival IMAC teams, says Student Section Leader Sam Bae, one of our three student section leaders. To get to the bottom of what will be different this year, and how our section leaders are going to return the Breck Student section to its former glory, Breck Bugle held an interview with Student Section Leaders Sam Bae and Liam Devlin (Sam spoke on behalf of Mattew Puttnam, our third student section leader).


Q: Who are the Student Section Leaders and what are they going to do this year?


Sam Bae: “We are a force to be reckoned with. We are going to lead chants and forms of cheer to get the student section as rowdy as possible”


Q:  How have students viewed the Breck Student Section in years past?


Sam Bae: “They’ve never been afraid. Everyone says ‘Oh, its just Breck? We can go to Breck. We can not get any chirps…”


Liam: “Nope! [This year] We want people to fear coming into our house. We gotta get the boys going”


Q: What have you guys done thus far this year, and, when the game is going, what are you doing to amp up the student section?


Sam:  “Alright, not going to lie we were at Providence. SEVERLY outnumbered. You can’t do anything about that. Thats embarrassing. I mean if they have 20 times the numbers of us, I’m not going to be making chirps. I’m just going to sit there, like a statue, being silent.”


Liam: “When we score – trust me I’ll be getting in their faces and well get the boys going”


Q: So you guys lead all the chants, correct?


Sam: “We got the chants, we got the ‘civ’”


Liam: “Civ, civ, civ”


Sam: “We got the chop too. We got everything, we got it all. Speaker, megaphone, hard hat”


Liam: “We’re gonna have the best student section in the state. People are gonna be scared to come to McKnight”


Q: How are you going to make sure this year is different from years past?


Sam: “Calvin Ansari?


Liam: “That dude was trash”


Sam: “Calvin Ansari?


Liam: “We got some leaders. Good leaders. People would [in years past] come in and they would be like: ‘Let’s go! Brecks on the schedule. Let’s go!’ This year, they gonna be like ‘No, no, no, no”


Sam: (imitating opposing teams) “‘Not Breck! Please! I don’t want to play Breck!’ … everyone will fear Will Knudson”


Liam: “No one will be able to stop the Breck Mustangs”


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