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A Juniors Advice to Incoming Freshman

Freshman year can seem daunting. Between the school dances, your first round of final exams, and adjusting to the new environment of Breck Upper School, your first year of high school is packed. So, as a Junior, I have a few tips that will help this year’s Breck Freshmen to stay organized. 


  1. Study Tips!


  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING! Staying on top of your work will make Breck way easier! To be productive, create whatever kind of relaxing environment or space you want to. Whether it’s studying at a coffee shop, putting on your headphones and tuning out the rest of the world, your timing and effort is the key to succeeding in your classes. 
  2. KEEP GOOD CLASS NOTES! Being able to go back to your notes before the big test is crucial. Use whatever organization system works for you. This might mean using colorful pens and highlighting information, or it might mean typing up your notes on a Google document! 
  3. ASK FOR HELP! It might seem embarrassing or nerve-wracking, but asking your peers or teachers for help will be to your benefit. Use your tutorial time wisely, and ask questions in class. It took me a long time to realize that asking for help makes the assessment process so much easier. 


  1. Engage in your community! 

Breck is unique in the way that it has a harmonious, supportive community. Not every school has the same resources as ours, so take advantage of it! Support your friends in sports, clubs, and schoolwork. Attend games and meet with faculty when you can. Build relationships with Upperclassmen and support your school. Join clubs and think about starting your own. Breck has numerous opportunities to get involved, and these clubs and groups can be a safe 


  1. Scheduling, Classes & More!

Sign up for the classes that you’re interested in. Colleges want to see what kind of subjects you have a passion or aptitude for, so don’t just sign up for what you think you should! Reach out to your dean for scheduling support. It never hurts to ask! And if you ever need advice on which courses to take, lean on an upperclassman for support, because they have the most experience with course selection. 


  1. Have fun! 

In all of the hecticness of Breck, don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way. More than anything else, Breck is a community. Make sure to prioritize your well-being, and to ask for support when you need it. Enjoy the next four years and continue to try new things and maintain a positive mindset!


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