Videography Becomes a New Class Offered to Students


Videography is one of the newest additions to the art electives at Breck this year. It offers new opportunities and exciting experiences. As a current student in the class, I can say that the course has already been a great experience and there’s still so much more in store for the rest of the school year.

One of my favorite aspects of videography at Breck is that it includes different elements than other art electives. Taking videos has a very technical aspect to it, and to be a videographer, one must learn how to control all sorts of equipment, including cameras, microphones, and gimbals. Videography also not only requires the artist to take compelling video shots but also to take into account the key aspects of storytelling. With other visual arts electives, the work is, as is in the name, purely visual, yet videography combines multiple different realms into one area of work.

At the end of this semester, videography students will emerge from the class with many new and helpful skills. By just taking a visual arts course in general, you train your mind to look at the world through a completely different lens, but with videography specifically, you also learn how to share your experiences and stories with the world. Another important aspect of making videos is including interviews with experts or the subject of your video. Breck’s videography course helps students become more familiar and comfortable with conducting interviews. By strengthening interview skills, students can expect to learn how to ask compelling and creative questions and how to take detailed and selective notes. Videography can also improve students’ confidence while having conversations, whether they’re with classmates, teachers, or even just complete strangers. Students will also come out of the videography course with varied technical skills such as learning how to use editing software, how to manipulate audio recordings, and how to operate a video camera.

Breck’s videography students have access to a lot of high-end filming equipment. For instance, we have access to one of the top Sony vlogging cameras on the market right now that shoots in 4k. The cameras that we have access to are great because their lenses can be changed which gives the videographer much more control over the types of shots they are taking. We also have access to gimbals. A gimbal is essentially like a tripod, except that it has a motorized video head that automatically moves to counteract a shaky camera. This makes it so that the video shots are very smooth and not shaky. We also have access to advanced microphones which block out wind and remove unwanted echo in videos.

Additionally the teacher of this class, Ms. Mercer has a background in journalism and art which really makes this class special. “I’m interested in the merging of art and journalism.” says Ms. Mercer “And when I was in journalism school because I was also in art school, I was always more interested in the question, how do you both tell a great story, but make it beautiful.” Ms. Mercer’s knowledge and passion really help to elevate the course, creating an experience where she shares her real-life experiences with students and helps us learn. Ms. Mercer brings insights into the classroom that students can’t really get elsewhere because she’s actually lived through what she’s teaching.

Overall, videography is an amazing opportunity that Break offers. Breck’s videography course is offered year-round and is also an elective second semester. This course is open to all students in the Upper School, which makes it accessible for everyone. For anyone who is looking for a way to improve technical, social, and artistic skills, videography is an amazing place to start.