From Spirit Week to the Dance: Homecoming 2022 Recap


During the first weeks back at school, everyone looks forward to Homecoming. The combination of getting ready for Spirit week, excitement to watch the coronation, and most importantly, planning for the dance all add to the rush. Looking back, here is a recap of Breck’s Homecoming week of 2022.


Spirit Week

After the daily themes for the next week were announced in assembly, the chatter of “what are you going to wear?” began. On Monday, we started out strong with movie day. Many seniors geared up in pirate garb for Pirates of the Caribbean, Juniors wore their jeans, flannels, and cowboy hats for Toy Story. Sophomores came in strong with Minions and a few Freshmen dressed the part for A Bug’s Life. The next day was biomes, an easy yet fun theme. Seniors were in the Jungle, Juniors dressed for the beach, Sophomores for the tundra, and freshmen for swamp. Wednesday was decades day, a fan favorite for sure. Seniors’ brightly colored aerobics outfits for the 80s definitely outshone all the others. Juniors struggled a bit with the 90s theme but a few people pulled it off. The 2000s were given to sophomores, and everyone smiled as they saw freshmen in masks and even biohazard suits for Covid. The final theme for Thursday was Opposite Day. Devil vs. angel was awesome with lots of pieces that were probably from old Halloween costumes. The idea for fire and ice was a swing and a miss with the Juniors, and the theme of comfy/classy didn’t go exactly as planned with the Sophomores as everyone chose comfy over classy. The freshman also seemed to struggle with Tom & Jerry, but there were a few ears and tails. Blue and gold day on Friday was a little disappointing from 9th-11th grade because it seemed like people had pretty much given up. However, the seniors went all out for the final day with their sparkly silver space outfits.


As homecoming Friday approached, the whole school was excited about the coronation. Although it was originally planned to be on Mcknight field again, this year it was moved inside due to the weather. It is safe to say that all of the upper schoolers were 

happy to have the homecoming coronation back in the gym. That being said, there were high expectations for this year compared to the last two years. Overall, the coronation wasn’t as exciting as anticipated. For one, it was difficult to hear Kennedy and Romy, the Emcees. In addition, the skits seemed to be anticlimactic, lacking the high energy that existed in past years. However, the wonderful homecoming court made up for it. As the crown floated over each of the members of the court, the whole school was waiting in anticipation. Once John Gorman and Eva Breiland were announced as the 2022 homecoming royalty, the student body showed their approval by erupting in cheers.


Students were all looking forward to Saturday’s events, including the boys’ and girls’ soccer games, but mostly the Homecoming dance. Returning students were excited by the original notion that the dance would be in a tent in Mustang lot again, however, there was a last-minute change to Gym B due to the weather. After the annual single-file line to sign the book and enter the school, students rushed past balloon arrangements into the gym. Inside, the gym was split into two sections. The first was an open area where students found their friends or recovered from the mosh, and the other section was the mosh. The cluster of dancing students was hot, sweaty, and tightly packed. The DJ’s music selection was either a hit or a miss among the crowd, causing cheers and even some boos. Though it was fun for a little bit, eventually students got tired out and decided it was time to go.

Overall, although there could’ve been some improvements, Breck’s 2022 homecoming was a great success!