Best Studying Cafes Around Minneapolis

With midterms approaching, many of us may find ourselves consumed by a seemingly never-ending pile of assignments, essays, and college applications. Facing all the stress incited by schoolwork, it is easy to view the task of studying as a pinpoint of dread and procrastination. However, I have found it takes little more than a calming environment and a fall-themed latte to not only improve but make me look forward to studying. Living in the bustling urban center of Minneapolis, I am fortunate enough to have an abundance of cafes to choose from when looking for a place to study. 

If you are a fan of cozy and comforting atmospheres, I recommend Spyhouse Coffee, my personal go-to, as an ideal study spot. With multiple locations in uptown Minneapolis and across the greater Twin Cities, Spyhouse is a great place to be productive and efficient. Another great place to study is Fairgrounds. While generally a little louder and busier than Spyhouse, Fairgrounds makes up for its crowds with delicious food and inventive drinks. If you are interested in further exploring, Sencha, FRGMT, Gray Fox, and the Golden Valley Starbucks are all great options that are relatively close to Breck. By immersing ourselves in productive, comforting atmospheres, we can make approaching our massive workloads a little less scary and  perhaps even enjoyable.