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10 Questions with Ramaud


Q: Since last year how has your football progressed?


A: “Football has been good. I went to Arizona and played in IFL (interior football league) to continue my pursuit to try to get back into the NFL. I was there from March to August. The season went well, I made it out healthy, and I led the league in receiving yards, touchdowns, and receptions. We lost in the semi-final championship though. Now, I’m back in MN training hoping to get into the XFL or NFL next season.”


Q: What plans do you have going into the 2024 season?


A: “There’s a chance I get a tryout or workout opportunity for the NFL this season, if I don’t get picked up I want to play in the XFL or USFL (leagues under NFL) which is the next best thing. I have a workout for the XFL in San Diego that I got invited to, so I’m hoping to get signed. It starts in February or March and I want to leave Minnesota.”


Q: Who is your favorite NFL team?


A: “My favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts because a lot of my good friends are on the team and a lot of my teammates from Northwestern. Specifically, one of my best friends from Maple Grove is on the Colts.”


Q: Who’s your favorite NFL player?


A: “Ty Bomen my younger brother, who plays football for the Florida Gators (not in the NFL yet). I have no favorite player in the NFL, I’m in the competitive mindset, and of course I admire players and their game, but no favorite.”


Q: What’s your favorite pregame meal?


A: “Tropical smoothie/tropical café, a barbecue avocado grilled cheese, salt and vinegar chips, and protein smoothie. I had the same thing before every game, filling but light on the stomach.”


Q: What advice do you have for the Breck football team?


A: “Well right now, I am working with some students as a mentor, specifically with Jojo and Benji. My advice is to just be aggressive, if you play fast (any sport), and are decently athletic it will solve issues. You don’t have to be amazing, just play fast, work hard, and enjoy it.”


Q: Would you ever consider coaching football?


A: “I’ve considered it. I love coaching…but can’t see myself being a teacher or a coach though. I’d rather be the guy being in the stands or off the field guy, the guy that students and athletes can come to outside of coaches. It feels inevitable to be a coach but I don’t necessarily want to.”


Q: If you weren’t a wide receiver what position would you be?


A: “Cornerback, the person guarding receivers. I joke about how we works around overcoming issues with being a receiver because of some speed and coaches question skill and speed. I am the perfect cornerback on paper, with my weight and height, and know the inside of receivers.”


Q: Are you playing fantasy football? If so, how’s the team looking?


A: “No, I don’t watch football. I watch film where the camera just focuses on the receiver. I don’t watch it because why would I watch players I’ve played against that I am better than? I’d rather be down there on the field. I just watch hours of tape. “


Q: How do you motivate yourself to continue working towards a career in the NFL?


A: “Faith. I believe the universe and God has a plan, being receptive to those plans, I don’t have a straightforward plan and things don’t always work out for you exactly how you want, but they do happen, and not having control is hard but it helps. You have to let it out of your hands and believe in your path and I have to continue to invest in myself. Understanding your ‘why’. Understanding why I am doing something, when things don’t go my way, understandingway understanding why I did it and why I’m still doing it. I don’t want to give up, and I have friends that are giving up, but I understand whyunderstand my why and why I am doing it.”

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