2023 BNN Review


This year’s BNN has stepped it up significantly since last year with new staff, new segments, and original Breck Upper School content. The episode started off with a strong introduction for each leader, consisting of relevant music and videos/pictures that gave the audience insight into who each host is. Although the hosts of the first episode were unenthusiastic and quite scripted, there is room for improvement. Moving on, the STUCO homecoming theme segment was really unique and brought high energy going into homecoming week. The creativity of the dance circle and themed outfit boosted the energy of the episode greatly. Way to go Student Council. Keep these segments coming. The JV sports interview was lacking in all departments: unfunny and honestly pretty boring. There is potential for this section but not much, so the fix has got to come soon. Next was Shambo’s nature walk which was a good addition to the episode. He brought in a unique accent paired with funny jokes for the “short” men of the high school to relate to. Lastly, the couples counseling segment easily carried this episode of BNN. However, for next time, there needs to be more advice for our rookie Breck couples. Overall, according to Mia Penn,  this first BNN episode “brought back memories to a simpler time of BNN. It was classic”. This brings us to our main point: this year’s first BNN episode was a significant upgrade from last year’s, but still needs some work to surpass the 2019 BNN.