Student Section Review


This year’s student section, run by the class of 2023, is a work in progress. Sometimes a student section isn’t always present at sports games. And when students do show up for their peers’ games, the energy is definitely there. Friday night football games easily get the largest turnout. The liveliness at those games is present but the timing and participation of the cheers are what need to be worked on. Football Captain Dylan Luebke ‘24 says “You know when the sound of silence just starts being louder than anything else? That’s what the student section has been this year.” At Friday night games, there is usually a solid representation of each grade. When it comes to the cheers, the seniors and juniors bring lots of energy and spirit, however, the sophomores and freshmen are still shy and hesitant. The halftime tradition of dance battles could be better at incorporating the underclassmen as well as creating new traditions to continue. Although the football games get good student representation, soccer, volleyball, and tennis lack in student support. So if you ever have a light homework night, go support your peers!